Outdoor Waste and Recycling Center Cabinets

Indoor Outdoor Triple Waste And Recycling Cabinet

Waste and Recycling Cabinets Made From Recycled Plastic Material Suitable For Indoor AND Outdoor Use.

Indoor Outdoor Waste And Recycling Cabinet Options

Single Outdoor Waste Receptacle ( Around $855 ), Double Outdoor Waste Receptacle ( Around $1425 )
and Triple Outdoor Waste Receptacle ( Around $2020 ) Please Contact Us For Exact Quotations.
Each Single Cabinet Module Is Approx. 21" Square ( call for exact dimensions ). 26 Gallon Rigid Plastic Liners Included.
Manufactured from HDPE recycled plastic ( High Density Polyethylene ). The material is impervious to insects, moisture and mold.
Hardware is Marine Grade. Top-of-the-line pigments and UV inhibitors are used to maintain color stability.

Indoor Outdoor Waste And Recycling Cabinet Color Selections

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