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Dropleaf Restaurant Table Hardware KitsDropleaf Restaurant Table Hardware Kits
Make or improve your own
drop leaf restaurant tables with
drop leaf table hardware kits

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If you would like to trade links with us simply send me an email at sales@kpetersen.com and I will review your information as soon as I can and post your link on one of our links pages.
We would prefer ( but do not require ) that your site in some way relates to furniture, furniture design, restaurant interiors, hotel interiors, interior design, antique furniture, retro, furniture repair, upholstery fabrics, furniture hardware, theatrical props, photographer's studio props... or would in some way interest our clientele: architects, interior designers, restaurants, bars, schools, theaters, museums, libraries, churches, courtrooms, medical facilities, retail stores, television and film production companies, night clubs, country clubs, casinos and hotels. Also please note that we do not do third party links or list sites if you send us a request using a free email address service or one that does not match the domain you are requesting a link for.



Bar Stools

Outdoor Chairs, Bar Stools, Benches, Tables

Restaurant Booths

Custom Cabinets

Waste Receptacles

Cafeteria Seating

Photographic Custom Image Logo Tables

Custom Image Chairs and Bar Stools

Drop-Leaf Table Hardware

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The Lounge
The Lounge The Netherlands
Vervlogen Jaren The Netherlands
3D Home Architect
3D Home Architect software to design your home
Barkcloth Hawaii
Barkcloth Hawaii - 50's fabric Shop
Decodame.com For the Interior / Architectural
Design trade and Private Collectors
Shop and order online at this vintage clothing shop with over 5,500 men's and women's items from the Victorian era to the 1980s.  On the web since 1997!
VintageVixen.com Vintage Clothing
Orbit Inn
The Ultimate Palm Springs
Modern Experience

katy elliot
is daily lifestyle blog about an artist renovating a 257-year-old house in Marblehead, MA.
Design inspiration, home product resources, upcoming artists, and recipes are just a few of the topics covered.

High-Heeled Foot in the Door...
Follow me as I try to make my dreams of entering the design world a reality...
I'm trying to get my High-Heeled Foot in the door.
is a source for decorating, renovating and home building!


v i s u a l v a m p
Valorie Hart Is The Visual Vamp
Blog digest covering decor fashion interior design travel trends art music television movies life.

Folding Tables
Offers the best folding tables and chairs for your every needs.
Denver Fabrics Fab Fabrics

PAVAR - Canada
Pavar has one of the largest selections of seating for
residential, club or restaurants usages.

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"Primarily Petroliana for gas station
and auto service memorabilia collectors"

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Punchcad.com Architectural softwares, 3d cad and 2d cad software

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