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If you would like to trade links with us simply send me an email at sales@kpetersen.com and I will review your information as soon as I can and post your link on one of our links pages.
We would prefer ( but do not require ) that your site in some way relates to furniture, furniture design, restaurant interiors, hotel interiors, interior design, antique furniture, retro, furniture repair, upholstery fabrics, furniture hardware, theatrical props, photographer's studio props... or would in some way interest our clientele: architects, interior designers, restaurants, bars, schools, theaters, museums, libraries, churches, courtrooms, medical facilities, retail stores, television and film production companies, night clubs, country clubs, casinos and hotels. Also please note that we do not do third party links or list sites if you send us a request using a free email address service or one that does not match the domain you are requesting a link for.



Bar Stools

Outdoor Chairs, Bar Stools, Benches, Tables

Restaurant Booths

Custom Cabinets

Waste Receptacles

Cafeteria Seating

Photographic Custom Image Logo Tables

Custom Image Chairs and Bar Stools

Drop-Leaf Table Hardware

Samples And Closeouts


chandeliers, ceiling fans, house shutters...
PontoonSpecialists.Com Alfa Dinettes.Com
Antique Indian Furniture Patio Furniture Station.Com
DFWFurnituredirect.Com Wine Racks
Wine racks, wine storage,accessories
Wall mounted and hanging wine racks in wood and wrought iron for storage.
Lighting-lamps-chandeliers.com Aluminium Greenhouses
Click now to view our range of wooden and
aluminium greenhouses, brought to you by Growhouse.
Timely Jewels.com Designer Handmade Jewelry
Home-Entertainment-Centers-Online.Com curtain-accessory.com
Curtain Accessory
Great Collectible.com
EasyDrugCard.Com Free RX Card Podiums
Podiums Online offers lecterns and a complete line of
public speaking equipment.
Massagechairs.com furnitureinfashion.co.uk
living room furniture
dining room furniture
Re/Max Richmond Virginia Real Estate
Accent Chairs
fabric accent chairs
wallpaper borders,and cutouts
Marin Modern

Wooden Blinds

Poker Tables
ArmoireShowroom.com Eichler Homes - Buy, Sell, Own!

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Bentwood Chairs Theatrical Props

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Samples, Theatrical Props

home theater

Woodstock Candy


Game Tables

Description: Pool tables, Foosball tables, ping pong, and air hockey tables all at factory direct pricing.


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