Thonet Style No. 14 Bentwood Chairs for Restaurants and Bars
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Thonet Style No. 14 Backrest Chair with bentwood understructure to match our other bentwood chair models.
Available with standard wood veneer seats and upholstered seats.
Light weight and strong. Always modern bentwood chair classics. These are the chairs you need for the European, New York or Victorian cafe look. These genuine bentwood style chairs are made of beech wood species. Finished in opaque black lacquer or walnut stain.

No. 14 Thonet Bentwood Chair Walnut StainNo. 14 Thonet Bentwood Chair Black Lacquer

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16" Wide X 20 ¼" Deep X 33 ¼" High
Seat: 16" Diameter
Seat Height Approx. 18"
Chair Weight Approx. 7 lbs.
Specify opaque black lacquer or walnut stain.

#14V Double Loop Bentwood Chairs Available With Wood Veneer Seats or Made To Order Upholstered Seats
Upholstered Seat And Nail Trim Options

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