ColorCourt Series Laminated Plastic Restaurant Booth

Laminated plastic ColorCourt restaurant booths for fast food dining room design flexibility, durability and ease of maintenance. The combined use of laminate colors and a variety of seat end panel edge and table top edge materials enables a great deal of customization.
Color Court Style booths combine curved laminated plastic booth seats with laminated plastic end panels for extremely high durability. Choose ColorCourt style restaurant booths for a modern, colorful fast food seating solution. Made in the United States.

ColorCourt Laminated Plastic Restaurant Booth
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ColorCourt Laminated Plastic Restaurant Booth Seat Detail

ColorCourt Restaurant Booth Seat Detail. You can specify a laminate color selection
for each seat component as well as table top colors and edges.
Choose standard Wilson-Art and Formica brand laminates for best delivery times and pricing.
Consider premium Dur A Edge polyurethane on booth end panels and table tops for demanding applications like school cafeterias.

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The ColorCourt restaurant single booth seat is also available as a booth banquette or waiting bench.

Laminated Plastic Contoured Waiting Room Bench Adjustable Leveler - Floor AttachmentRestaurant Waiting Bench


Standard Lengths For Single Benches:

Seating Capacity Page Spacer
42" (Seats 2 People)
Seating Capacity Page Spacer
44" (Seats 2 People) 47" (Seats 2 People) 59" (Seats 3 People)
71" (Seats 3 to 4 People) 83" (Seats 3 to 4 People) 95" (Seats 4 to 5 People)

*3 support legs required on units 95" long
Capacities based on allowing approx.
20" per person


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