Laminated Plastic Restaurant Booths Frequently Asked Questions

How much do these booths cost?
A budget estimate for a long lasting, durable four seat contoured restaurant booth with 42" seats would be around $600 each for a commercial project of any significant size.
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Can I get a Laminated Plastic Booth for my house?
Sorry, these units are intended for commercial, industrial and institutional use only
. The cost of shipping charges to a residential destination make such a purchase impractical.

What colors are available?
There are hundreds of plastic laminates available. Our best price and best delivery time can be had by choosing standard solid colors and patterns from Wilson-Art and Formica brand plastic laminates. For Standard Color Selections Click on one or more of the following categories:
Solid Color Plastic Laminates | Woodgrain Plastic Laminates | Pattern Plastic Laminates
Solid Color Standard Plastic Laminate SelectionsFormica Standard Color Selections Page Spacer | |Standard Woodgrain Plastic Laminate Selections | |Formica Standard Color Selections Page SpacerStandard Pattern Plastic Laminate Selections

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What booth sizes are available?

Standard Laminated Plastic Restaurant Booth Sizes
23" 42" 44" 47" 59"
2 seater 4 seater 4 seater 4 seater 6 seater

Laminated Plastic Two Seat Restaurant Booth
Two Seat Booth
Around $510

Laminated Plastic Four Seat Restaurant BoothLaminated Plastic Four Seat Restaurant Booth with Wall Panel
Four Seat Booths
Around $540

Laminated Plastic Six Seat Restaurant Booth
Six Seat Booth
Around $700

How much space should be planned for?

Restaurant Booth Layout Dimensions Elevation View

Laminated Plastic Booth Expanded For 36 Inch Wide Table Tops

Laminated plastic restaurant booths with 24" wide table tops install on 63" centers. See booth layout below. Laminated plastic restaurant booth frames can be ordered with expansion for wider table tops

Contoured Restaurant Booth General Layout Dimensions

Other Configurations?

Laminated Plastic Four Seat Restaurant Booth

ADA Americans With Disabilities Act Restaurant Booth

Double Booth Combination

Laminated Plastic Restaurant Booth Combination

Laminated Plastic Restaurant Booth Combination

Island Style Booths

Wheelchair Accessible Booths

Special Booth Units

Booth Bench Seat and Swivel Chair Combinations


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