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Bentwood Pub Stool Nail Trim Seat
Nail and Upholstery Options

Bentwood bar stool page space


Bentwood Pub Stool Old Copper Nail Trim Option

Bentwood Pub Stool Nail Trimmed Vinyl Upholstered Seat Detail - Old Copper Nails

Upholstery Nail Trim Nails Option
Upholstery Nail Trim Nails Option

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Naugahyde English Pub vinyl is especially well suited for use with nail trims. It has a glossy, old fashioned leather look, muted color and is durable enough for hospitality environments.
You may also wish to research vinyls and fabrics available from popular commercial suppliers such as Naugahyde
and C.F. Stinson


English Pub

English Pub EP83 Gray English Pub EP83 Black English Pub EP88 Hunter Green
EP 83 Gray EP 90 Black EP 88 Hunter Green
English Pub EP85 Antique Blue English Pub EP84 Sable Brown English Pub EP89 Navy English Pub EP86 Ruby
EP 85 Antique Blue EP 84 English Pub EP 89 Navy EP 86 Ruby
Space English Pub EP87 Oxblood English Pub EP82 Rust English Pub EP81 Ivory
Space Ep 87 Oxblood EP 82 Rust EP 81 Ivory

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