Split Back Single Restaurant Booth

Split Back Upholstered Restaurant Booth

Split Back Upholstered Restaurant Booth DetailSingle Booth Detail

Split Back Upholstered Restaurant Booth DetailSingle Booth Detail

Split back upholstered restaurant booths are standard with 36" high backs as shown above. Optional 42" high backs are also available. Standard booth seat lengths for this budget style (from wall to aisle) are 26", and 46". Banquettes and benches also available.
Booths install on 72" centers using 30" wide table tops.
Increasing or decreasing the width of the table tops will change the booth opening dimension by an equal amount.

1 row of 2 upholstered restaurant booths

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There are hundreds of commercial vinyl upholstery materials available. Our best prices and best delivery times can be had by choosing Solid Color Vinyl Upholstery and Premium Zodiac Glitter Special Vinyls.

You may also wish to research vinyls and fabrics available from popular commercial suppliers such as Naugahyde
and C.F. Stinson


Upholstered Booth Elevation Drawing SinglesUpholstered Booth Elevation Drawing Double

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