Road House Restaurant Booths

The Roadhouse restaurant booth. The only place to sit when you're a half a day's ride between here and there. Wood booths add warmth to any restaurant's decor. Wood booths provide customer comfort and privacy. Restaurants appreciate the easy maintenance and increased seating capacity of wood booths over tables and chairs. Restaurant customers appreciate the "homemade" wood looks and the change in posture from sitting in the car all day. Road House Restaurant booth seating saves space. Road House Restaurant booth seating minimizes cleaning maintenance. Wood restaurant booths made in the United States.

Prairie Style Oak Restaurant Booths constructed of solid oak with upholstered seat and upholstered back options.

Prairie Style Wood Restaurant BoothPrairie Style Wood Restaurant Booth BanquettePrairie Style Backless Wood Waiting BenchPrairie Style Backless Wood Waiting Bench
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The Wood Restaurant Booth Styles Section Is Being Updated.
For Original Roadhouse Booth Styles and Installation Photos Please See: Roadhouse Restaurant Booths - More Styles and Options


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