Waste Receptacles Laminated Plastic With Wood Trim
Or All Laminated Plastic


The perfect economy trash containers choice for interior commercial or institutional applications. Wood trim option at reduced cost.
High pressure plastic laminate construction. 10" High, self return, swing push doors with permanently routed "THANK YOU" letters are standard. Open to the floor design, welded steel base insures extended trash receptacle product life even with the heaviest use. Made in the United States.
Basic, single plastic laminated trash containers are available in standard Wilson-Art brand plastic laminates in a variety of colors. Cabinet is finished on all four sides and top.
Single Cabinet, Open Bottom
20 ¼ " Wide X 20 ¼ " Deep X 43" High
Includes 35 Gallon Rigid Plastic Liner
Shipping Weight 125 lbs.
Ships fully assembled.

Waste Receptacle with Wood Trim Detail and 35 Gallon LinerSpace

Call for quantity quotes and freight estimates to your destination.

Choose standard Wilson-Art
and Formica brand laminates for best waste receptacle delivery times and pricing.

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Solid Color Plastic Laminates
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Trash bin access door has
magnetic catch, plastic
spill sill and continuous hinge.

Fast Food Trash Container Open Bottom

- Waste receptacle interior and exterior finished with permanently bonded high pressure laminate over a high density ¾" wood particle board core.

- 35 Gallon rigid waste receptacle plastic liner is included.

- Standard laminated plastic waste receptacle swing door has permanently routed, filled "THANK YOU" letters.
Specify black, brown or white fill.

Waste Receptacle Flip Door Thank You

- Or specify optional laminated plastic waste receptacle swing door with "Universal" symbol.
Waste Receptacle Flip Door Universal Symbol



Standard Stains For Wood Edge Waste Receptacles
Natural Clear Honey Light Brown Medium Brown
Natural Honey Light Brown Medium Brown
Dark Brown Cocoa Brown Walnut Pearwood
Dark Brown Cocoa Brown Walnut Pearwood
Medium Red Dark Red Dark Mahogany Antique White
Medium Red Dark Red Dark Mahogany Antique White
Space Space Black Stain Black Opaque
Space Space Black Stain

Black Opaque

Final stain color is affected by porosity and grain. If you are doing critical color matching please request a sample.

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