Quotes & Prices

We want your business. Please call, write, fax or E-Mail us.

We want your business. Especially if you are an institution or a business considering new seating for a dining space. Or, if you are a facilities manager, manufacturer, architect, interior designer or purchasing professional seeking well made, durable furniture. Because of the custom nature of the products we sell, posting thousands of prices on The Internet is not practical. Nor do we believe "Shopping Cart" technology is an appropriate way to select products suitable for most custom, commercial, contract/institutional furniture applications. We make however many you want the way you want them.

In order to properly quote you we need to know:

• How many?

• What style?

• What city are you in? ( So that we can estimate freight charges. )

• Are you representing a business or will this be for your own personal use?

• If you represent a business will this be for resale or for use in your own facility?

Do you need help with planning your project? ( Note: On restaurant booth projects for example, we may need to prepare drawings in order to quote you. )

In order to be properly quoted YOU need to know:

• What kind of metal finishes, upholstery, laminate or wood finish options are available?

• How long will manufacturing and delivery take?

• What are the terms of sale?

Our company is set up to respond quickly to your telephone, fax and E-Mail inquiries. We can often send you detail photos and product specifications (though we are not a catalog house), laminate, wood samples and upholstery swatches free of charge so that all of us avoid unwanted surprises when your order arrives. We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to quote you prices on ANY requirement. **
Kurt Petersen


*Having said all that there are some exceptions. We do present small quantity pricing on some products for your convenience. These prices are generally accurate for small orders. The small quantity pricing charts can also be used to determine how one product price relates to another in a general way. For an order of any significant size we are going to want to quote you. Our factories do achieve some economy of scale on large orders and the terms of sale will also vary depending on the size and custom nature of the particular order.
**If you would like to make a serious inquiry, have a current commercial project underway and can provide us with room layout drawings, dimensions, quantities, sizes, surface finish selections and so on, we can provide estimates. If you are working on a feasibility study, business plan, insurance adjustment project or are just nosey please tell us up front and make your request by e-mail. We will try to answer your question by e-mail.