Modified End Table Bases
For Easier ADA Compliance

Modified Restaurant "End" Table Base Has Cut Top Plate So You Can More Easily
Resolve The 30" Side To Side Minimum Clearance Requirement.

Table Base Is ALL STEEL Construction ( No Cast Iron ) Table Bases are equipped with adjustable leveler glides.

Wheelchair Accessible Restaurant Table Bases 48 Inch Top

Overall approximate Wheelchair clearances in the example shown are based on using our complete ADA dining height steel table bases mounted within a 1/4" from the table edge.
We are using a table top in our example that is actually 48" long.
Please note that many table top manufacturers use what are known as "nominal" dimensions. This means that actual table widths and lengths are slightly LESS than specified.
For example: A table top sold as 24" X 48" may really be only 23 1/2" X 47 1/2". Most manufacturers allow tops to be ordered in EXACT sizes.

Black Finish Is Standard For This Base.

Wheelchair Accessible Restaurant Table Bases Underside View
Table Bases Mounted At Edge Underside Detail View

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