Club Bar Stools

#2100 Series Backless Club Bar Stools
Sturdy, contemporary style backless wood bar stools with solid beech wood species construction.
The backless beech wood species bar stool is available in three finishes
cherry, mahogany and walnut stains.
Decorative nail trim seat options available.

Backless Wood Club Stool with Nail Trim Detail

#2100 Series Upholstered, Backless Club Bar Stools
19" Diameter Brasstone Footring is standard.
Specify Chrome Footring If Required.
Overall Dimensions 22" Wide X 22" Deep X 30" High
Seat is 16" Diameter Approx. 19 lbs.
( 12 Piece Minimum Order )

Backless Wood Club Stool Backless Wood Club Stool with Small Nail Trim Backless Wood Club Stool with Large Nail Trim

Available With Brasstone Or Chrome Footrings

Backless Wood Club Stool Plain Seat Backless Wood Club Stool with Large Nail Trim Detail

Available Plain Upholstered Seat And With Large Or Small Trim Nails

Available In Cherry, Mahogany and Walnut Stains

Cherry Stain On Beech Wood Species Mahogany Stain On Beech Wood Species Walnut Stain On Beech Wood Species

T23 Orange Vinyl T27 Yellow Vinyl T73 Crimson Vinyl T12 Royal Blue Vinyl
T59 Pumpkin Vinyl T95 Sunshine Vinyl T04 Chestnut Vinyl T64 Wedgewood Vinyl
T66 Medium Green Vinyl T63 Teal Vinyl T106 Green Apple Vinyl T48 Jade Vinyl
T01 Black Vinyl T10 White Vinyl T77 Light Grey Vinyl T54 Platinum Vinyl

Standard Upholstery Vinyls Shown Above

058 Dark Eggplant Vinyl 740 Cappuccino Vinyl 684 Leather Vinyl 660 Chestnut Vinyl
304 Navy Blue Vinyl 212 Apple Green Vinyl 211 Eggshell Vinyl 210 Taupe Vinyl
200 Aqua Vinyl 190 Butterscotch Vinyl 100 White Vinyl 089 Red Vinyl
088  Burgundy Vinyl 084 Sienna 069 Fuchsia Vinyl 066 Latte Vinyl
061 Light Grey Vinyl 060 Dark Grey Vinyl 048 Plum Vinyl 046 Golden Brown Vinyl
040 Black Vinyl 034 Teak Vinyl 033 Hunter Green Vinyl 032 Cypress Vinyl
030 Royal Blue Vinyl 022 Peacock Vinyl 021 Beige Vinyl 020 Parchment Vinyl
012 Corn Silk Vinyl 009 Orange Vinyl 008 Scarlet Vinyl 007 Light Blue Vinyl
006 Coffee Vinyl 005 Chocolate Vinyl 004 Paprika Vinyl 002 Dark Khaki Vinyl
Vinyl Texture Detail Texture Detail Close up 001 Golden Yellow Vinyl

Selected Premium Upholstery Vinyls Shown Above

If you are doing critical color matching please request free vinyl upholstery samples.
Other materials are also available but selections different than those shown above may affect cost and delivery time.