Drop Leaf Table Optional BLACK Hinge Hardware Kits

Drop leaf table hardware kits with BLACK OXIDE FINISH HINGES.
Same construction as our standard dropleaf table hardware kits but with a black oxide finish on the hinges.
The black oxide hinge finish makes the hinges less visible when the table is in the folded, square position.

Dropleaf Table Hardware Kit Black Hinge Detail
Dropleaf Table with Chrome Hinges Dropleaf Table with Black Hinges

Drop Leaf Restaurant Table Hardware Kit with BLACK Hinges

Drop leaf tables are usually used as round tables. The leaves of a drop leaf table are typically only folded under when tables need to be moved together to be used as squares for larger groups. Therefore it is important for the drop leaf mechanism to be very strong and not allow sagging or drooping of the leaves in their most frequently used state.

Specify Slide Bar Length ( 6", 7 1/2" or 9" ) Based On Table Leaf Size
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Drop Leaf Restaurant Tables Typical Sizes
2 Kits $86.00 Each
3 - 5 Kits $76.00 Each
6 + Kits $65.00 Each
A single kit can be purchased for $101.00 which includes UPS Ground shipping charges to U.S. destinations.
Drop leaf table hinge hardware kit details and dropleaf table top underside views shown below:
Dropleaf Restaurant Table Underside Detail
Dropleaf Table Hardware Detail Overall Lengths
Dropleaf Table Hardware Detail Component Lengths
Dropleaf Table Hardware Detail Maximum Table Thickness
Dropleaf Table Hardware with Black Hinges Leaf Positions
Dropleaf Table Hardware with Black Hinges Slide Bar Positions
Drop Leaf Table Hardware Slide Bar In Unlocked And Locked Positions
Dropleaf Table Hardware Slide Bar Locked Position Detail
Drop Leaf Table Hardware Slide Bar In Locked Position Detail
Dropleaf Table Underside Detail and Black Hinge Detail
Dropleaf Table Top Underside View Showing Table Base Top Plate Clearance and BLACK OXIDE HINGE Detail

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