19th Century Reproduction
Parisian Style Folding Round Tables

# P106T French Bistro 32" Diam. Folding Table African Teak

Durable, European made steel and African Teak French bistro style round folding tables are faithful reproductions of the 19th Century
original French bistro design with modern improvements. French bistro teak folding table is attractive enough to use inside
for permanent dining room installations. Durable for use outside with drawn steel frames treated for rust resistance and powdercoated.
Generally IN STOCK for fast shipment.

19th Century Reproduction Outdoor Teak French Bistro Cafe Folding Table 32 inch Round

# P106T French Bistro 32" Diameter Folding Table
African Teak (Iroko) slats are standard in the wood's 'natural' color.
Standard steel frame finish is black
Overall Height Approx. 29"
Weight Approx. 40 lbs.