Large Size Granite Restaurant Tables Construction

Granite tables larger than 36" in TWO directions require a seam

Granite tables larger than 36 inches in two DIRECTIONS require a seam

48" Diameter Granite Restaurant Table Top Shown With Seam
( Uba Tuba color selection shown )

Granite Restaurant Table Cut-A-Way View

Construction: A 3/8" thick solid granite top layer is bonded to a 3/4" thick plywood core. Solid granite bullnose edges are also bonded to the plywood core. The underside of the granite table top is moisture sealed with epoxy and fiberglass. Polished granite table tops tops are scratch, stain and heat resistant. The sanitary table surface is perfect for restaurant use. Granite table tops can be used outdoors. Granite is a natural product. Variations in color and veining are to be expected in the stone due to quarry, cutting and block conditions. Mesas de granito restaurante.

With proper care and maintenance, granite table tops will hold up well under normal commercial use.
Granite table tops require proper care. A regular maintenance schedule will prolong the
natural beauty and appearance of the granite. There are a variety of products available to CLEAN, protect, and seal stone surfaces. Good hardware stores or home improvement centers often carry such products.
For products that can be purchased on line, we recommend Stone Care International .

We recommend the following for routine care:
Clean with a damp cloth and gentle soap regularly.
Keep covered when outdoors and not in use. Long term storage should be in a dry area.
Do not use vinegar, cleaners that contain acid, abrasive cleaners or furniture polish.
Clean thoroughly with a stone cleaner and reapply a stone sealer every 6 months.
For heavily stained stone cleaning procedure and product see this You Tube Video: DuPont Stonetech Oil Stain Remover