Outdoor Aluminum Bar Stools

Commercial quality, aluminum outdoor Bar Stools.
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Outdoor Aluminum Backless Bar Stool With Faux Wood Slats

#8770310BBS-Faux Teak Backless Aluminum Bar Stool
Platinum Frame Finish, Faux Teak Shown Above.*
16" Wide X 13" Deep X 28" Overall Height
Approx. 11 Lbs.

Outdoor Aluminum And Faux Teak Bar Stools Installation

#877o3BS-Faux Teak Aluminum Bar Stool
Black Frame Finish, Faux Barnwood Shown Above.*
18 1/2" Wide X 23" Deep X 47" Overall Height, 30" Seat Height
Approx. 14 Lbs.
* 3 5/8" Wide X 9/16" Thick UV Stable Polyethelene And Polystyrene Curved Slats.

Black Frame, Barnwood Combination Gunmetal Frame, Grey Faux Wood Combination Platinum Frame, Faux Teak Combination
Standard-Stock Color Combinations.
If you are doing critical matching please request finish samples.
Bronze Frame, Faux Teak Combination Black Frame, Tricolor Combination Bronze Frame, Faux Teak Combination Large
Tricolor Slats Option
Now Available With New "Tricolor" Faux Wood Slats Option