Roskilde Restaurant
And Bar Stool

Modern Retro Scandinavian Style.

European made beech wood species barstool components assembled in the U.S.
Available in five standard and three premium finishes.
Upholstered seat is standard. Competitive pricing and quick delivery.

Roskilde Bar Stool
#416 Roskilde Restaurant and Bar Stool

Roskilde Barstool Side View Roskilde Barstool Rear Side View

Upholstered seat is standard.
Approx. Overall Dimensions 17 3/4" Wide X 19 1/2" Deep X 43 1/2" High
Seat Height 30 1/2"
Approx. Weight 22 lbs.
( 6 Piece Minimum Order )

Roskilde Barstool Rear Side View Detail
Standard Finishes On Beech Wood Species
Maple Stain On Beech Golden Oak On Beech Mahogany Stain On Beech
Walnut Stain On Beech Natural On Beech
Premium Finishes On Beech Wood Species
Black On Beech Espresso On Beech Whitewash On Beech
If you are doing critical color matching please request a finish sample.

Vinyl Upholstered Seat Selections

Many vinyl upholstery material selections available

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