Stainless Steel "T End" Table Bases

Stainless steel T End Bases support rectangular table tops, over-hanging counters, aisle side booth tables, special shaped table tops and arrangements.

Stainless Steel End Bases With Example Rectangular Table Top Drawing
Standard Base Height:
29" ( use with standard 1 1/4" thick table top for approx. standard 30" dining height table surface )
Optional Bar Height Base Available.
40 1/2" ( use with standard 1 1/4" thick table top for approx. standard 42" bar height table surface )

Stainless Steel End Base Spider Detail Stainless Steel End Base
Column is 3" Diameter #304 16 Gauge Brushed Stainless Steel With A 13" X 13" cast iron spider.

"T End" Base Bottoms Are 5" Wide X 22" Long X 1/4" Thick SOLID #304 Brushed Stainless Steel.

Stainless Steel End Base Detail
Stainless Steel Table Base Bottom Detail And Underside Bottom Detail Showing Leveler Glides.
Stainless Steel End Base Underside Detail

These 304 grade stainless steel table bases are very resistant to corrosive environments but do require periodic care and maintenance. Cleaning is necessary on any grade stainless steel to prevent corrosive particles from gathering in the grain of the stainless steel surface.
Corrosive particle build-up results in a rust colored stain. One might think that the stainless steel is rusting but it is actually the corrosive particles that are reacting and causing staining. Weekly cleaning with a good stainless steel cleaner will keep the stainless steel surfaces free from corrosive particles.
In environments where there is salt and or chlorine present weekly cleaning with water and liquid detergent followed by drying will keep the stainless steel surface free from contamination.