Custom Image Laminated Plastic
Tables General Table Pricing

The best type of file for digital graphic reproduction is a vector based file (vector images are defined mathematically as a series of points joined by lines). For vector based files please supply artwork in Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps formats. Convert all fonts to outlines or paths.

Please submit a hard copy version match print of your art work covering any special color issues. Simply specifying Pantone® colors does not ensure your satisfaction.

For raster/bitmapped images such as .pdf or .jpg the full finished size the digital file of the photo will need to be no less than 200dpi. Or, please submit files as .tif or .psd

Many other standard shapes and sizes are also available.
All products are made in the United States.

FIVE TABLE TOP MINIMUM ORDER. Sizes can be combined to make order minimum.
Small order charge may apply for some sizes in quantities greater than five tops.
We cannot accept new orders for fewer than five table tops. *Only replacements and re-orders are available in the small quantities shown below.

Set-up charges are in addition to prices shown below and do not include design work or editing your image to make it acceptable for the table making process.

Photographic Plastic Laminate Educational Table Photographic Plastic Laminate Educational Table Installation
Custom Image Laminated Plastic with Vinyl Edge Table Tops

Prices Shown Are For Graphic Resolution Artwork With Vinyl Perimeter Edge Tops.
Wood edge and grooved aluminum edge tops are also available by special quote.
Table bases are not included and must be ordered separately.
Please provide your shipping destination city and ZIP code so that we can include freight charge estimates.
Most sizes are too large to ship via UPS.
* Small quantity pricing for REPEAT or REPLACEMENT ORDERS ONLY.
Minimum quantity for a new order is five tops.

  Price Quantity 1 - 4 Price Quantity 5 - 20 Price Quantity 21 - +
24" X 24" $166 each $138 each $132 each
24" X 30" $206 each $170 each $164 each
24" X 36" $230 each $189 each $182 each
24" X 42" $272 each $223 each $214 each
24" X 48" $290 each $238 each $229 each
30" X 30" $290 each $218 each $209 each
30" X 42" $318 each $266 each $256 each
30" X 48" $345 each $288 each $276 each
36" X 36" $320 each $264 each $254 each
42" X 42" $472 each $394 each $378 each
48" X 48" $542 each $452 each $433 each
24" Round $166 each $138 each $132 each
30" Round $290 each $218 each $209 each
36" Round $322 each $264 each $254 each
42" Round $472 each $394 each $378 each
48" Round $542 each $452 each $432 each

+ $100 set-up charge per image, per size. Set-up does not include image editing or creation.
Color "proofs" can also be ordered ( $50 each ) to be sent to you prior to production of your order.
This will add about 1 week to the process but it is an opportunity to make changes.
Large top sizes and large projects must always be quoted.

Large tabletops require sufficient support. In addition to an appropriate table base bottom size
it is important to determine if your top will need multiple vertical columns, large diameter columns,
oversize top plates or oversize spiders.