Returning Custom Made Orders -
Re-stocking Charges

If you discover there is a problem with the product after you receive it we expect that you will notify us immediately.

If a purchased product is found to be defective or not as ordered (wrong metal frame color, wrong laminate, wrong upholstery material...) by us and/or the factory we will replace it in its entirety or suggest a factory approved repair or replacement of component parts if that is determined to be a practical and reasonable solution. Please note that if the surface finish is the color you ordered, its the right color.

If a purchased product is damaged in transit we will replace it and file a claim against the carrier provided you have not signed the carrier's bill of lading "clear, received complete shipment in good condition". Please note that if your original custom order took 3 or 4 weeks or more in the manufacturing cycle, any replacements need to repeat that same cycle.

If you decide that you simply don't like something you've ordered we would like to discuss your concerns and explore remedies that would avoid a return of the product. We are in the "Contract" commercial/institutional furniture business. We want your business too but we are not a department store. Our pricing does not reflect the 150% - 200% mark-ups some retailers charge that make for no questions asked, easy returns. We don't think its fair that our customers should pay higher prices to cover ordering mistakes and poor planning on the part of others. Please consider your purchase carefully. Most products we sell are made to order and do not exist until you "Contract" to have them made.

If you believe a return is your only solution, we expect you to pay for the shipping charges both ways. We will also impose a restocking charge. Restocking charges will range from 25% to 50% of the original purchase price ( or more in the case of some custom made products ). The re-stocking charges merely cover our costs and enable us to sell your returned items to someone else. After thoughtful consideration we have chosen this policy rather than higher prices for everyone.

Petersen Furniture will issue shipping instructions which must be used with such returns. We expect that returned merchandise will be packed in the same manner as it was received by you. If upon inspection the returned product is freight damaged because of careless packing on your part your refund may be delayed or adjusted.