Channel Back Restaurant Booths

Upholstered Vertical Channel Back Restaurant Booth
46" Long X 36" High Single Channel Back Upholstered Restaurant Booth Shown Above.
Channel Back upholstered restaurant booths are standard with 36" inch high backs.

Channel Back Restaurant Booth Trim
Channel Back Upholstered Restaurant Booth Standard Top Trim

Channel Back Restaurant Booths Standard Sizes

Minimum order is three singles or two singles and one double.
Sizes can be combined for maximum quantity discount. Please call or e-mail for quotes on other quantities.
Residential orders are discouraged due to high shipping costs to residential destinations.
Tables are not included and must be ordered separately

Booth Type Length Depth Height Option 1 Height Option 2
Standard Single Booth 46" 22 1/2" 36" 42"
Standard Double Booth 46" 43" 36" 42"
Standard Duece Single Booth 26" 22 1/2" 36" 42"
Standard Duece Double Booth 26" 43" 36" 42"
Standard 1/2 Circle Booth 46" X 84" X 46"   36" 42"
Standard 3/4 Circle Booth 46" X 84" X 84" X46"   36" 42"
Always Check Availability Before Ordering.

Wood or Plastic Laminate Trim Options And Crumb Rails Available.

Single and Double Restaurant Booths Elevation Drawing
Upholstered Restaurant Booths Corners And Benches
Upholstered Vertical Channel Back Half Circle Restaurant Booths

Corner Booths And Benches Also Available.

Standard Upholstery Vinyls Shown Below

Winter White shell Fawn Taupe Desert Sun
Camel Saddle Nutmeg Cafe Fudge
Mellow Yellow Mango Tiger Eye Carrot Tuscan
Clay Flamingo American Beauty Chili Claret
Burgundy Purple Heart Stone Wash Marine Regimental Blue
Majestic Kiwi Reflection Laguna Dark Aqua
Evergreen Verde Sage Dove Graphite
Ebony Onyx Raven

If you are doing critical color matching please request free vinyl upholstery samples.
Other materials are also available but selections different than those shown above may affect cost and delivery time.