Custom Wood Veneer Restaurant
Table Top Pricing

Made to order, high quality wood veneer restaurant tables. Dropleaf tables also available ( eased edge profile only ).
If you need a large quantity of wood table tops or you are working with us on a project that includes other products we'll quote accordingly.
We discourage residential inquiries due to minimum order requirement, shipping and delivery problems.
Six standard stains on real oak and beech veneers.
Wood table tops are heavy! Please provide your shipping destination city and ZIP code so that we can include freight charge estimates. Most sizes are too large to ship via UPS. Made in the United States.
FOUR TABLE TOP MINIMUM ORDER. Sizes can be combined to make order minimum.

Wood Veneer Dropleaf Table Wood Veneer Table

Oak and Beech Veneer Restaurant Table Tops 1 " Thick

  Price Quantity 4 - 5 Price Quantity 6 - 12
24" X 24" $130 each $125 each
24" X 30" $147 each $140 each
24" X 42" $179 each $171 each
24" X 48" $195 each $188 each
24" X 60" $273 each $262 each
24" X 72" $311 each $299 each
24" X 96" $390 each $374 each
30" X 30" $162 each $156 each
30" X 42" $195 each $188 each
30" X 48" $211 each $203 each
30" X 60" $292 each $280 each
30" X 72" $331 each $318 each
30" X 96" $408 each $393 each
36" X 36" $195 each $188 each
36" X 48" $227 each $219 each
36" X 60" $311 each $299 each
36" X 72" $350 each $336 each
42" X 42" $227 each $219 each
48" X 48" $260 each $250 each
24" Round $130 each $125 each
30" Round $162 each $156 each
36" Round $195 each $188 each
42" Round $272 each $262 each
48" Round $311 each $299 each
60" Round $389 each $374 each
Four table top minimum order. Sizes can be combined to make order minimum.

Large tabletops require sufficient support. In addition to an appropriate table base bottom size
it is important to determine if your top will need multiple vertical columns, large diameter columns,
oversize top plates or oversize spiders.

Wood Veneer Drop Leaf Restaurant Table Sizes

Oak and Beech Veneer Drop Leaf Restaurant Table Tops 1" Thick

  Price Quantity 4 - 5 Price Quantity 6 - 12
36" Square To 51" Round $541 each $520 each
42" Square To 60" Round $699 each $672 each
Table Bases Are Not Included And Are Sold Separately

To clean use a soft cloth dampened with mild detergent and water. Wipe dry with a second clean soft cloth.
Spills should be wiped dry immediately. Do not use ammonia or bleach cleaning solutions, degreasers or abrasives.
Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, high temperatures and extremes of humidity.
Be aware that using china with unglazed or rough bottoms may cause scratching of the table top surface that is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

To avoid warping after you begin using wood table tops a cool environment (72 degrees) with a relative humidity of about 50-55% and a little bit of air movement is said to be ideal for wood objects in general. Change thermostat settings gradually as seasons change. A sudden change in temperature or humidity is the worst thing possible as moisture will be sucked out of or pushed into the material far too quickly causing tension inside it. Excess heat and dryness can even cause cracking and splitting. Avoid extremely hot plates, excessive water allowed to stand for long periods. Also avoid vinyl table cloths and glass tops as they can prevent air circulation and cause warping.