Reclaimed, Distressed Pine, Narrow Plank
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Distressed Pine, Narrow Plank Round Restaurant Table Distressed Pine, Narrow Plank Square Restaurant Table
Distressed Pine, Narrow Plank Restaurant Tables Installation
Distressed Pine, Narrow Plank Restaurant Table Detail

1 3/4" Thick Reclaimed Distressed Pine, Narrow Plank ( 1 1/2" Up To 2" Wide Staves )

Reclaimed, Distressed Pine Plank tops are stained as shown. Tops can be a mix of species such as southern yellow pine and red pine. Some dark-colored staves are included to add interruptions to the wood's more uniform grain and color. Pine Plank tops are hand-sanded smooth with original distress marks which are then accented by the hand rubbed stain. The edge profile is a combination of hand scraped and eased corners and edges. Surface is sealed and finished with multiple coats of acrylic polyurethane in a matte sheen to promote durability and ease of maintenance.

We discourage residential inquiries due to minimum order requirement, shipping and delivery problems.

Wood table tops are heavy! Please provide your shipping destination city and ZIP code so that we can include freight charge estimates. Most sizes are too large to ship via UPS.

Made in the United States.

TEN TABLE TOP MINIMUM ORDER. Sizes can be combined to make up 50 square foot order minimum.

Distressed Pine, Narrow Plank Table Tops Price
24" X 24" $250 each
24" X 30" $313 each
24" X 36" $375 each
24" X 42" $438 each
24" X 48" $500 each
24" X 60" $625 each
24" X 66" $688 each
24" X 72" $750 each
30" X 30" $392 each
30" X 36" $469 each
30" X 42" $548 each
30" X 48" $625 each
30" X 60" $782 each
30" X 66" $860 each
30" X 72" $938 each
36" X 36" $563 each
36" X 42" $657 each
36" X 48" $750 each
36" X 60" $938 each
36" X 66" $1032 each
36" X 72" $1125 each
24" Round $267 each
30" Round $410 each
36" Round $582 each
48" Round $1119 each
60" Round $ 1738 each
72" Round $2494 each
Dropleaf Tables Available By Quotation.
Ten table top minimum order. Sizes can be combined to make up 50 square foot order minimum.
All Pricing Shown For Budget Purposes Only. ALL Projects MUST BE QUOTED.

Large tabletops require sufficient support. In addition to an appropriate table base bottom size
it is important to determine if your top will need multiple vertical columns, large diameter columns,
oversize top plates or oversize spiders.

Solid wood plank construction table tops consist of identical length, random width solid wood planks that are laid edge-to-edge to create a solid effect with a random appearance to the grain pattern.