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Layout Drawings

See below for a few layout drawing examples used to facilitate customer planning and purchasing.

Employee Cafeteria Dining Area Layout

Employee Cafeteria Layout

Employee Cafeteria Dining Area
Note that there is plenty of circulation area on left side of the layout drawing near the vending machines.
There are both free standing chairs, tables, booth benches and fixed cluster seating arrangements.
The double row of booth seating in the center of the room maximizes seating capacity and has a simple divider wall between the two seat booths and the four seat booths. The double waste receptacle at the end of the row of booths is conveniently located for most everyone to discard waste on their way out of the room. The waste receptacle is also conveniently located for service personnel to empty the waste for permanent disposal outside the room.

Employee Lunchroom Booth Layout

Employee Lunchroom Booth Layout

Employee Lunchroom Booths
Even though this layout uses 100% Fixed Restaurant Booth Seating in this employee lunchroom
various sized groups can be accomodated.
There are two seat, three seat, four seat and six seat booth arrangements in this large room. Table top widths are increased from standard fast food width to fit the customer's tray service style. There are a few waste receptacles but more than a few are not required because most patrons return soiled trays to a dishwashing area.

High School Lunchroom Layout

School Lunchroom Booth and Cafeteria Seating Layout

High School Lunchroom
Layout uses a combination of booth seating and cluster seating banquette arrangements in this high school cafeteria.
Note the orientation of the seating arrangements to the empty area on the right side of the drawing. In this way the room can also be multi-functional and used for meetings, performances and other purposes as only a few seating positions face directly away from this area. Also note the seating area in the lower right hand side. This area is divided from the main dining room for teachers and supervisory staff.

Fast Food Restaurant Layout

Fast Food Restaurant Dining Room Layout

Fast Food Restaurant
Fast food restaurant layout uses a combination of booth seating, free standing tables and chairs plus bar height and counter
height bolt-down stools. Customers move in and out quickly with efficient food delivery, plenty of seating space for any size group. Waste receptacles in numerous locations make it easy to encourage customers to buss their own tables.