Economy Restaurant Table Base Size Suggestions

Table bases made with steel columns, cast iron bottoms, cast iron or steel top "spiders" held together with threaded steel rods are the workhorse standard in the restaurant industry.
See below for which size table bases to use with which size tops. Also, standard table bases can be used in combination to support large or unusually shaped table tops.
There is no substitute for common sense...
You should never use a restaurant style pedestal base that is too small to support your table top.
Please Note: Table top sizes for bar height bases should generally be less than those shown below.
Suggested sizes are for wood and plastic laminate table tops.

22 X 22 Steel and Cast Iron Table Base Crossfoot Table Base Standard Sizes:
22" X 22" table base will support table tops up to 30" X 30" - 30" Diam.
30" X 30" table base will support table tops up to 42" X 42" - 42" Diam.
36" X 36" table base will support table tops up to 48" X 48" - 54" Diam.
See some examples of crossfoot table bases in use

22 X 30 Table Base Crossfoot Table Base Standard Size:
22" X 30" table base will support rectangular table tops up to 24" X 47"
See some examples of 22" X 30" crossfoot table bases in use

Pair of 22 Inch End Bases End Base Standard Size:
End Bases are a versatile solution for supporting a variety of table top shapes.
See some examples of end bases in use

Round Cast Iron Bottom Table Base Round Bottom Table Bases Standard Sizes:
18" Round table base will support table tops up to 24" Diameter
22" Round table base will support table tops up to 36" Diameter
30" Round table base will support table tops up to 60" Diameter
See some examples of round bottom table bases in use

Restaurant Tables Diagonal Dimensions Always consider the diagonal dimension of the table
top for which you are selecting table bases.
The dimensions shown below are approximations
and may vary from table top style to table top style
due to the varieties of table top construction methods
and differences between square and radius corners.
24" X 24" 35" Diagonal
24" X 30" 38 1/2" Diagonal
24" X 42" 48 1/4" Diagonal
24" X 47" 52 3/4" Diagonal
30" X 30" 42 1/2" Diagonal
30" X 42" 51 1/2" Diagonal
30" X 47" 55 3/4" Diagonal
36" X 36" 51" Diagonal
36" X 47" 59 1/4" Diagonal
42" X 42" 59 1/2" Diagonal
48" X 48" 68" Diagonal

Table size determines the size and type of table base needed.

See: What Size Top Do You Need?

Contact us for table recommendations and quotations.

Restaurant table bases are generally finished in black. We believe that for most commercial and institutional table projects black is your best choice because table bases tend to "hide in the shadows" anyway.
Table bases are the last thing people notice when walking into a restaurant and most restaurateurs don't feel they need to put a lot of money into a "showy" table base.
There are any number of exceptions to this of course but you will be in good company going with basic black.
Other table base colors are available though and we encourage you to ask about color options should your project require something other than black.