Redeem Wood Bar Stools

# R440BS Redeem Wood Bar Stools with Upholstered Back
Simple lines and an upholstered backrest make this classic bar stool style a great choice for any restaurant decor. The sturdy beech wood species bar stool is available in four finishes natural, walnut, mahogany and cherry. Contemporary style wood bar stool has a comfortable upholstered seat and redeems your budget too.
Decorative nail trim is standard as shown at the backrest wrap around. Specify Brass or Pewter Trim Nails.

Redeem Wooden Bar Stools Installation

# R440BS Redeem Wood Bar Stools with Upholstered Backs
Brasstone Footrest is standard. Specify Nickel Footrest If Required.
Approx. Overall Dimensions 18" Wide X 20" Deep X 45" High
Approx. 24 lbs.
( 12 Piece Minimum Order )

Redeem Wooden Bar Stools Rear View Redeem Wooden Bar Stools Front View

Available With Brasstone Or Nickel Footrests
Specify Brass Or Pewter Trim Nails

Available In Natural Clear, Cherry, Mahogany and Walnut Stains

Natural Clear Finish On Beech Wood Species Cherry Stain On Beech Wood Species Mahogany Stain On Beech Wood Species Walnut Stain On Beech Wood Species

T23 Orange Vinyl T27 Yellow Vinyl T73 Crimson Vinyl T12 Royal Blue Vinyl
T59 Pumpkin Vinyl T95 Sunshine Vinyl T04 Chestnut Vinyl T64 Wedgewood Vinyl
T66 Medium Green Vinyl T63 Teal Vinyl T106 Green Apple Vinyl T48 Jade Vinyl
T01 Black Vinyl T10 White Vinyl T77 Light Grey Vinyl T54 Platinum Vinyl

Standard Upholstery Vinyls Shown Above

DELT_001 Vinyl DELT_004 Vinyl DELT_005 Vinyl DELT_007 Vinyl
DELT_008 Vinyl DELT_009 Vinyl DELT_015 Vinyl DELT_018 Vinyl
DELT_020 Vinyl DELT_022 Vinyl DELT_024 Vinyl DELT_026 Vinyl
DELT_030 Vinyl DELT_031 Vinyl DELT_033 Vinyl DELT_035 Vinyl
DELT_039 Vinyl DELT_040 Vinyl DELT_059 Vinyl DELT_060 Vinyl
DELT_061 Vinyl DELT_068 Vinyl DELT_069 Vinyl DELT_084 Vinyl
DELT_100 Vinyl DELT_203 Vinyl DELT_206 Vinyl DELT_210 Vinyl
DELT_212 Vinyl DELT_304 Vinyl DELT_601 Vinyl DELT_610 Vinyl
DELT_660 Vinyl DELT_746 Vinyl
Vinyl Texture Detail Texture Detail Close up

Selected Premium Upholstery Vinyls Shown Above

If you are doing critical color matching please request free vinyl upholstery samples.
Other materials are also available but selections different than those shown above may affect cost and delivery time.

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