Cracked Ice Vinyls and

Please note: Photo processes, image types and differences in computer monitors all contribute to errors in how colors are displayed online. The Zodiac "glitter" vinyls are particularly susceptible to color error because of its glossy surface finish.
The photo shown is of a barstool using the ZD-26 Silver and ZD-22 Gold materials. By itself it looks fine. However, compared to the color sample swatches shown you can see there can be a difference. If you are considering purchasing our furniture products we would be happy to send you actual samples so that you can be sure you're getting the right color.
Naugahyde Zodiac Barstool Detail Naugahyde Zodiac Gold and Silver Showing Glossy Surface

Naugahyde Zodiac Vinyl ZD 77 Hot Pink Naugahyde Zodiac Vinyl ZD 23 Green Naugahyde Zodiac Vinyl ZD 26 Silver
Naugahyde Zodiac Vinyl ZD 78 Fuschia Naugahyde Zodiac Vinyl ZD 20 Cascade Naugahyde Zodiac Vinyl ZD 22 Gold
Naugahyde Zodiac Vinyl ZD 24 Burgundy Naugahyde Zodiac Vinyl ZD 21 Blue Naugahyde Zodiac Vinyl ZD 27 Charcoal

Please note: The Cracked Ice Vinyls are digital reproductions of the original materials.
Upon very close inspection you will see the halftone pattern as an artifact of this reproduction process. This is normal for this upholstery material. (Halftone is the reprographic technique that simulates continuous tone imagery through the use of equally spaced dots of varying size). See close-up detail views below.

Gray Cracked Ice Vinyl Detail Detail Gray Cracked Ice Vinyl on Diner Seat
Cracked Ice Vinyl Gray Cracked Ice Vinyl Red Cracked Ice Vinyl Yellow