Soda Fountain Counter Stools

Bolt-Down Counter Stools Installation

We offer original authentic, vintage 1950's style bolt down soda fountain counter stool reproductions, and a modern, contemporary group of bolt down stools for business use, theatrical props, museum exhibitions, upscale coffee shops restaurants and visual merchandising concepts.

All stools are competively priced commercial quality products. We provide price guidance online for small and medium size orders in each category. We quote on the basis of quantity and can usually provide freight estimates for all of our quotations and additional discounts for larger orders.

Many Bolt Down Stool Seat Styles Are Available As Matching Free Standing Barstools And Chairs.

Budget Upholstered Seat Bolt Down Soda Fountain Stool Black Column With Footrest Budget Chrome Seat Bolt Down Soda Fountain Stool Black Column With Footrest
30" Seat Height Black Column
Budget Bolt Down Support
Posts Are Available With
Welded Footrests.

Budget Bolt-Down Counter Stools are the quick shipping budget solution for lunch counters, soda fountains, restaurants,bars, theatrical props,
and visual merchandising concepts.
Budget chrome floor mounted counter stools are available in two heights: 26" and 30".
Budget 3" diam. black column floor mounted counter stools are also available in two heights: 26" and 30".
all in a variety of commercial vinyl upholstery materials.

Original, Authentic 1950's Style Deluxe Bolt-Down Soda Fountain Counter Stools Reproductions.
THE ONLY PLACE TO SIT in the 1950's soda fountain, lunch counter, 1950's kitchen, Moderne Kitchy kitchen, diner restaurant, food court or modern fast food restaurant.

Our sparkling chrome Deluxe Bolt-Down Soda Fountain Counter Stools floor mounted counter stools feature heavy duty commercial construction. Fountain stools can be made in any seat height from 18" to 30".
Stool bases can be equipped with optional cast aluminum footrests. Soda fountain counter stools are available in a wide variety of upholstery materials including fun fifties glitter vinyls and Cracked Ice vinyls.
Matching vintage style bar stools, diner chairs and kitchen chairs are also available.

Modern Aluminum Counter Stools and Contemporary Bolt Down Steel Counter Stools. 1930's , 1940's Aluminum Art Deco soda fountain, lunch counter stools. Steel frame Ice Cream Parlor floor mounted stools, modern food court seating and modern fast food restaurant seating styles. Designed for business floor mounted counter stools featuring heavy duty commercial construction. The floor mounted stools shown below can be made in a variety of fixed seat heights and some stools in custom heights. Counter stools are available in a wide variety of metal finishes including a dramatic clear coat. Specify seats with upholstery materials or wood veneer. Matching barstools and chairs are also available for most styles.

Please phone or E-mail to verify price, delivery time and freight charges.

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